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Who We Are


Kathryn Rodriguez

Co-Executive Director

 As former Miss Yuma County (2011), I believe in giving back to the program that gave me the opportunity to grow as a leader and help provide me scholarships to achieve a higher education. Watching each girl grow in their self confidence and love for our community makes every long night of working hard to make sure they are prepared for Miss Arizona 1000% worth it. The best part of this program is we gain new sisters every year and not one year is like that last they each title holder has their own goals and social impacts.


What I’m most thankful for is our community. We have the best sponsors and love from our community. The Yuma Scholarship Program has been one of the top scholarships programs in Arizona and we have you our community to thank for helping our local woman achieve a higher education and life changing opportunities!

Janet Porter


Aside from the fact that our program offers women in our community scholarships, totaling over $7000, I absolutely love what this program does to assist young ladies with their personal growth. The camaraderie that is established, the real life lessons, learning how to speak in front of crowds, facing fears of being on stage, learning to use their voice to speak on issues that matter to them, the realization that they are in fact fearfully and wonderfully made and have everything in them and around them to be successful, and being empowered to move forward with confidence is so beautiful and amazing! I am proud and honored to play a small part in that process.


Allie Van Dyn Hoven

Vice President

I have been a part of this organization since 2015 when I started my journey as a competitor. I was your Miss Yuma County in 2017 and 2019, and Miss City of Yuma 2018. Because of this organization, I was able to get my associates degree through AWC for FREE! Amazing right?! This organization helped me and many other young women further their education, so I wanted to continue volunteering in the organization.

Anaisa Tremblay

Secretary & Princess Chair


I am the owner of Desert Sunset Creations & More, and am the sponsor for delegate sashes, competition t-shirts, Princess t-shirts, awards and the Princess gift at the annual Princes tea party. 

I love what the Program brings to Yuma Girls.  Not just the Scholarship opportunities it brings but also the sisterhood, the coaching, the community support, this program does so much.  


Ronna Sue Stubbs



I love the joy in experiencing the personal potential each delegate and Titleholders finds deep inside them. 

I am the Skin Care and Make Up Sponsor as a Mary Kay Sales Director. 


Chelsea Ogram

Board Member


I am a board member, event chaperone, and the hairstylist sponsor. What I love most about the program is seeing the girls and how much they grow as young women over the course of the year! Seeing all they accomplish from the day they’re crowned until the pass the crown on. It’s tremendous to see their confidence change from once being a contestant to now leading the show!

Russ Clark

Speech Chair


Russ is a longtime board member, active contributor to the Yuma Scholarship Organization, and the Speech Chair. 


Gabi Marshall



I am the photography sponsor. What I love most is that it helps these young women prepare themselves for the future. They learn as well as strengthen valuable skills like public speaking and interview techniques. They learn to use their voice for the better of the community. ​


Israel Olvera

Public Relations Chair & Sponsor Liaison


The Yuma Scholarship Organization has set the standard for empowering our future leaders, providing access to scholarship dollars to pursue higher education, and elevating the stature of Yuma in the state and across the nation. Those are the biggest reasons I had for joining the board. I am proud of the culture our Directors and board has cultivated and established in this program.

I am the videography sponsor for

the Yuma Scholarship Organization. 

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