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Miss Yuma County and Teen 2024


Destinee Nolan

Miss Yuma County 2024

Talent: Dance

CSI: Awareness Precedes Change, Advocacy for childhood cancer by living #Katesway

Fun Facts

  • Iced Coffee is my love language

  • I danced in the 2012 Macy's Thanksgiving day Parade

  • Rescued dachshund named Tori from the Humane Society of Yuma

Instagram: missyumacountyaz


Eliana Wells

Miss Yuma County's Teen 2024

Talent: Dance

CSI: Tossing a Web on Inclusion: Inclusion for all

Fun Facts

  • I love watching football!

  • I've seen wicked on Broadway.

  • I have a yorkie named Skylar.

Instagram: missyumacountysteen

Miss Ocean to Ocean and Teen 2024


Samantha Byrd

Miss Ocean to Ocean 2024

Talent: Dance

CSI:  Come to the Table: partnership with the Yuma food bank

Fun Facts

Instagram: missoceantooceanaz


Rylee Riesland

Miss Ocean to Oceans teen 2024

Talent: Comedic Monologue 

CSI: Generation Outdoors: spreading awareness about nature deficit disorder.

Fun Facts

  • I'm a 4th generation Yuman and a 6th Generation Arizonian!

  • I won first place in my team welding competition

  • I can moon walk

Instagram: missoceantooceanteen

Miss Sunshine City and teen 2024


Isabella Nicholls

Miss Sunshine City 2024

Talent: Dance

CSI: Everyone Needs a Buddy: Improving the quality of life for shelter animals.

Fun Facts

  • I have three goldfish; Phillip, Phill, and Goldie.

  • I have danced for 13 years.

  • I met Morgan Wallen.

Instagram: misssunshinecityaz


Faith Braithwaite

Miss Sunshine City's teen 2024

Talent: Vocal

CSI: Mental Health for Teens

Fun Facts

  • I am a theater actress.

  • I can make a wicked cheesecake!

  • My favorite musical production is Hamelton. 

Instagram: misssunshinecitysteen

The Five Pillars of the organization

Scholarship  Most young women who have competed or are planning to compete have done so to earn scholarships to further their education. It’s vitally important to remember the value of your education as you work through the pageant system. Dedication to academic studies is one way to prove scholarship is as important to you as it is to the Miss America Organization. MAO has maintained a decades-old tradition of empowering young women to achieve their personal and professional goals, while providing a forum in which to express their opinions, talent, and intelligence. Scholarships have been the cornerstone of the Miss America program since 1945, when Bess Myerson was the first Miss America to receive a scholarship from the organization.

Success  Participating in the Miss America Organization not only helps young women pay for college and prepare for a career, it provides an opportunity to gain additional life experience, work on issues of importance to society, enhance their personal and professional skills, and develop their performance-related and other talents.

The pageant experience will instill in young women a deeper commitment and investment in their community and public service, which will strongly influence their education. 


Style  As a contestant, it’s important to develop a personal style. A contestant's personal style is like a signature—unique to them and easily recognizable to others, giving them that edge needed for pageant success. The finishing touch, for any style, is confidence. In the end, it’s the best addition to anyone's wardrobe.


Service  In 1989, the Miss America Organization founded the platform concept, which requires each contestant to choose an issue about which she cares deeply and that is relevant to our society. Once chosen, Miss America and titleholders across the country use their stature to address their platform issues with community-service organizations, business and civic leaders, the media, and others.  Miss America is about community leadership, not community “followership” and contestants and titleholders make a difference through their platform.  

Sisterhood Every girl that has competed in this organization as gained a sister. This organization prides itself on being kind, and uplifting each other! The women you meet in this program are friends for life. 

Miss Arizona 2023


Miss Arizona 2023: Tiffany Ticlo


Social Impact Initiative: STEAM, Bring science and the arts to all students

Talent: Vocal

Miss Arizona's Teen 2022: Alexis Miranda

Social Impact Initiative: Special Effect Project 

Talent: Dance

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